Fun and Funky Ways of Refreshing Your Home

As in-person socializing returns, people are once again welcoming others into their homes. Psychologists warn that this transition may cause anxiety, yet there are tactics for managing these uneasy feelings. One way of becoming more confident with post-pandemic face-to-face interactions is by reinvigorating your house. Here are some home improvement projects that will make your nest more inviting and boost your self-confidence when welcoming others.



Change Tired Walls

As we walk through the front door, walls are one of the first things we see. Outdated and unappealing wallpaper leaves a bad impression. Consider switching yours for a durable, non-toxic, washable alternative. Pick out an elegant option that makes your space pop. Select peel-and-stick wallpaper if you're not ready to make a permanent commitment. It's easy to put up, inexpensive, and entirely adjustable. In addition to whimsical themes, such as jungle and bubble patterns, you can use a print-on-demand service to invent something that's truly unexpected. Turn personal photos or your family crest into a unique design element. Plus, when you provide the image, your preference will never be out of stock!




Update Outdated Bedrooms

Curious visitors may want to see your bedroom. Showing off this private space can feel awkward, but you'll be excited to invite others in after you've redecorated. Install dimmable lighting and automatic shades, or hang soothing artwork. Choose colors that facilitate feelings of calm, such as blue and green. If you have a guest room, make certain that family and friends who stay overnight get a good night's sleep by providing them with a warm and snuggly comforter from the ComfyDown shop.


Think Appealing Flooring

New floors are bound to wow guests. Vinyl patterns are a fantastic method of expressing individuality and style. Colored area rugs can make a room sing as well as show off one's creative side. Ask people to take off their shoes when entering so that floor coverings stay clean and hardwood doesn't get scuffed. Install a space for storing shoes that's as inviting as it is fun. No one's footwear will get lost, and it'll add a dash of whimsy to your request.



Improve Climate Control

Temperature is a huge aspect of personal comfort. Make sure your company is always cozy by upgrading your heating and air conditioning. Replace older control systems with a smart thermostat that operates by voice control or allows for programmable heating and cooling schedules. For a more rustic approach, install ceiling or window fans. Recaulk windows and doors so that air doesn't seep out; you'll save money as well as keep everyone feeling grand.



Add Natural Elements

Bringing organic materials into your home can increase its vibrancy. Head to your local nursery and select flowers with colors that complement your interior design. Consider incorporating plants that have the added benefit of purifying the air. If you lack a green thumb yet still want to implement an outdoorsy touch, search wooded areas for interestingly shaped branches or beaches for driftwood. Arrange your findings strategically in corners and atop shelves. Turn them into shelving or place them in vases for an affordable and clever touch.



After you've improved your home's design, you'll feel more self-assured when welcoming others. Whether throwing large parties or playing host to relatives for a highly anticipated visit, the changes you make will improve the experience for everyone. And when it’s comfort you need, shop ComfyDown today.

Author: Megan Cooper
Founder of

Pictures: Unsplash