Toddler Pillow Recommendations

There are many important things parents worry about during their infant's first few months, and one of many of them is ensuring their baby's head shape and neck has no flat spots. While a flat head is purely a shape issue, no one can blame moms and dads for panicking when their little one's head has trouble rounding out. In such case, a baby head shaping pillows comes in handy. It provides the necessary support to keep a child's head in the perfect position so as to prevent it from flattening.



We must consider the material used. It is extremely important  since it may produce allergies or reactions that may affect the baby's healthy. It's important is breathable and provides free flow of air and ventilation.



We made a brief list on the most important information we need to consider when we are buying a pillow for our toddler's:


  • Balance between comfy and firm, not too fluffy
  • Hypoallergenic material
  • Doctor's recommendation
  • The size of the pillow
  • Durability
  • The fill




Doctor's Recommendations


Doctor's recommend waiting to introduce pillows to the little one's sleep. It is very important to wait at least until reaching 18 months old, 1 year and half at least.  But...why? Its based on the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and sudden unexplained death in childhood (SUDC).

Although the risk of sudden unexplained drops dramatically once our baby turns 1 year, it's still a concern in terms of what you place in the crib for a little while longer.

Toddler up to 1 year and half may still become overwhelmed by objects in their crib and face suffocation. Testing and observation are essential for you to determine the optimal time to give your child a pillow during sleep. There's a difference between the toddler using a pillow as a headrest and the toddler squeezing it close to their little face or positioning themselves underneath it while sleeping.


Pictures: Unsplash