How to Wash Feather & Down Pillows

Can I wash my feather and down pillows?

 Yes! Here's our step-by step guide. 

A pillow case is wonderful to protect our pillows from sweat, dust, makeup and many others you name it! 

All pillows require regular cleaning to prevent dust mites, clumping, bed bugs, mildew, and the accumulation of dirt. Learn how to wash your feather and down sleeping pillows and pillow inserts.


Feather & Down Pillow Inserts

We will clasify the bed pillows and three main categories:

☁ Goose-Down
☁ Duck-Down
☁ Feather & Down Combinations

The down is the light fluffy coating found beneath the feathers of ducks and geese. Down as a three-dimensional cluster with dozens of soft fine filaments that radiate from its center. Feathers on the other hand are the outer covering of the bird with quils.


Pillow Inserts

  1. Please make sure to read the the tags on the pillows, make sure they are machine washable. Some older down pillows are dry clean only so read the label ♥.
  2. Wash you pillows in a top loader washing machine but if your pillows are large it would be better to go to a laundromat to wash them.
  3. Use warm water, choose the gentle cycle and use a mild liquid detergent.
  4. If you are washing your pillows in a top loader, fill machine halfway first with water and detergent and then pause the cycle. Gently add your pillows, one at a time, and push down to a submerge in the water and release any air bubbles. Keep the machine balanced adding a pillow to the other side if necessary. Once the pillows no longer float start the wash cycle.

    If using a front loader add pillows and detergent and choose the water temperature (warm) and gentle cycle.

    Repeat the rinse cycle once to ensure that all of the detergent has been rinsed away.
  5. Drying: if the pillows are dryer safe, add to your dryer and dry on low heat.
    If the pillows is not dryer safe, dry on a clothes drying rack or the clothesline holding in place with some good old fashions clothes pins.

    Pictures: Unsplash