How to Select the Correct Pillow Insert

How to Select the Correct Pillow Insert

Those times we would like to decorate or give life to our spaces but, we don't know the type of decorative pillow inserts we need to make it happen. Here we'll help you and guide on step by step.

Pillow Cover
Identify the type of size you prefer, when selecting the pillow insert it must be a size up from your pillow cover. The smaller the size of your pillow covers the more you'll need to size up.

Filling the Cover
Now that you have the perfect size of the insert, make sure you place the cover correctly. You can select between soft or firm. If you selected a more relaxed look, it would be suitable to reduce one inch or two. It's not recommended to overfill the pillow cover it would look to stretched out the fabric.


Size Guide

Small Inserts (12x14 – 16x16)
Size up 1 on your insert size using a 12x20 and 12x24 pillow insert. You can allow two inches larger is not recommended larger than that. 

Medium Inserts: (17x17  22x22)
Size up 1 to 2 inches on the insert size a 16x24 down/feather could work just perfect, please find below the list of our pillow inserts, please remember to keep in mind the longer the measurement the more you'll want to size up and provide the best fill.

Large Inserts (22x22   26x26)
Size up 2-3 for the insert size. For a 22x22, you can use a 24x24 pillow insert. 

Extra Large Inserts (26x26   30x30)
Size up for 3 or 4 inches greater. 


 Pictures: Unsplash